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How many of you have an interview setup with the humane society here in Denver? In order to properly prepare you for the interview, I have a few tips that you should consider taking to heart.


find a jobThis goes for any job really, but this one especially. Do your homework ahead of time. Map out exactly what you will be asking. Do your research on the company. Find out how long each of the staff has been there. Look into the history of the director. Knowing all this information ahead of time will help your case.

Look at the job description. Find out how the job will fit with your strengths and weaknesses. You should also practice your approach in the interview before you go in. Learn to expect any and all questions. Most interviewers like to keep their people on their toes.

It’s a good idea to come prepared with information and references. He/she will ask for references. Be prepared to show them when they are asked for.


Always arrive early. Have a firm handshake. Be honest. Do not exaggerate your accomplishments. Employers have a way of checking up on things. Information has a way of coming out, especially false information. Be honest with the humane society in Denver.

This will go along way to improve your chances of getting the job. You also need to be prepared for follow-ups. These are questions that are asked at the end. These questions are usually asked to show you were listening.

The humane society wants to know you care about what they do. They do not want to hire based on someone just wanting a “paycheck.”


job search This is the time when you need to consider if the job is the right for you. Putting aside the money factor, are you going to enjoy doing it?

Get in touch with your contacts. Allow them the option of speaking on your behalf, if the employer gets in touch with them. Send the humane society a thank-you note. Send them a letter of appreciation. This will help to increase the good impression you made.

Ask yourself why you want the job. Ask yourself what you can bring to the table. Add all this to your letter of appreciation. You might be surprised at how much more of a chance the company might give you.

Above all, thank the company for its time. Go above and beyond to make a good impression, but do not go overboard. There is such a thing as overkill. Have a good balance between the two. Going overboard with the company can hurt your chances too, just as much as not doing anything.