Live and Let Live

saving animals

Ricky Gervais once said something to the effect of: we will only ever be judged by how we treated our He speaks the truth. We live in an ecosystem, very much interdependent. Every animal has a purpose and no one should be ending the life of anything, not for any reason and under no circumstances. Rats, armadillos, opossums and squirrels, are all as much a part of this ecosystem as we are. They want to live in our attics, burrow under our homes, eat our bird seed and chew up our wires and woodwork? If this, however, upsets you, the answer is to humanely relocate them.

Opossums are relatively easy to catch, armadillos only come out for a short time at night, foraging for insects, although they can be trapped if one feels the need. As for rats and squirrels, they are a little trickier. They love to live in our homes and have an overarching concern for being close to us, much to the chagrin of many The important thing is to find out how they are getting in and close off the access route. After this task has been completed, trapping those that are in your home, and putting them outside, is the key. If you never seal off their access route, you will never get them out of your house. opossumTrapping and releasing is the only humane way to handle rats and squirrels who have made it into your home.
Unlike rats and squirrels, Opossums and armadillos have little to no interest in coming into your home. Very few, if any, want rats and squirrels in their home but legislating the outdoors is seemingly something better left to the ethereal forces of nature. After all, the outdoors are their natural habitat. Allowing them their space while preserving our space is tantamount to a synergistic and natural coexistence. Let the combination be greater, and more benevolent, than the individual parts.

Symbiosis is not just a word, it needs to be a lifestyle choice. Understanding how they benefit us will create greater appreciation for their purpose. Rats are very smart, clean and they make great pets becoming faithful companions, responding to their name and even using litter pans.Cute-Squirrel-l Squirrels are often times called the gardeners of the planet, planting trees that clean the air we breathe. They bury those acorns which will magically turn into mighty oaks that enhance our lives in numerous ways. Aren’t they cute, with their beautiful bushy tails, after all?

Opossums are marsupials and have been around since the time of dinosaurs, largely because they can eat most anything. They eat many road killed animals, as well as rodents, which is why they are beneficial, albeit a bit misunderstood, in urban areas. The armadillo eats insects, wander about at night, digging for dinner and lives several feet underground. An innocuous animal that is only active when we are sleeping. You can trust Wildlife Inc to practice humane wildlife removal!

cute-armadilloNone of these animals are known to bite us, they don’t bother us, they eat insects and road kill, encourage tree growth and all are valuable contributors to the ecosystem. Be humane, have respect for all life and exercise concern when attempting removal. We must caution against allowing ourselves to become the arbiters of life as it is not our place. Embrace all that each living thing, from a spider to a blue whale, bring to this planet and remember we are all dotted lines to one another, coexisting, each with a special purpose. Our ability to love, and our propensity for compassion, will only ever know the limits we place on it.